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Friday, October 1st, 2010

Duckrabbit Digital is expanding. We still have our humble studio, where we will continue to print the same high-quality black-and-white images. Our focus and passion is (and always will be) with black-and-white photography. However, we recognized that many of you shoot in both b&w and color. So, we’ve established a relationship with a printing shop in New York in order to offer you a one-stop printing service. Now, you can order your color prints and your black-and-white prints from us. We’ll print the b&w, and Beth Schiffer and Co. will print the color. In addition to substantial discounts, you’ll only pay once, deal just with us, and get your prints delivered in the same package.

We visited and talked to a number of different companies in New York, and were impressed with the small and personal operation that Beth runs. In addition, she has some top-notch equipment. The processor that runs the color images is a clever mix between old and new. It uses three different color lasers to expose photographic paper, then uses traditional darkroom chemicals to develop and stabilize the image. The result is, in a word, stunning.

In addition, we’ve also introduced negative scanning into our repertoire, and within the next few days we’ll be introducing a new ordering form which allows you to upload your images directly from the server (meaning no more FTP hassle), amped up our Facebook page to allow our customers to add their photos to our steam (an thus reach more people), and also added the ability for customers to leave reviews for us on Facebook.

Thank you all for your continued support. It means a lot to us to have such a passionate group of people so dedicated to our printing. The amazing talent we encounter is what makes running an artisan company 100% worthwhile. So, please, try out our new services. Below you’ll find a coupon good for the next week, and we look forward to seeing your new work.

Duckrabbit Speaks!

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Salutations, greetings, and welcome to Duckrabbit Speaks, the official house blog of Duckrabbit Digital. If you haven’t checked out the main site, I invite you to do so now. We are a small company providing artisan black-and-white printing to photographers and artists looking for an extra degree of care and craftsmanship in their prints. My partner and I are both artists ourselves and we understand the need for precision when it comes to getting things just right.

But you can read all about that on the rest of the site. I’m here to introduce this blog, Duckrabbit Speaks.

My partner and I decided to start Duckrabbit because we enjoy printing our own work, and believe that others may benefit from our printing experience. Also, our specialized black-and-white setup is able to achieve a nuance in b&w images that simply isn’t available from most generalist printers.

But so from the start we’ve been driven by an interest in the art itself. Black-and-white of any form, which is often photography, but can also be other sorts of digital art. And beyond our printing, we pay attention to what black-and-white’s doing all over the art and design worlds.

And of course that’s where Duckrabbit Speaks comes in. This will be a place where we’ll discuss things generally and tangentially related to the kinds of art that we’re interested in. There’ll be reviews for new shows and books, as well as lots of b&w material culled from the web. It’ll be a grayscale emporium, of sorts.

So, then, welcome to the blog. We’ll be updating regularly, so please check back sooner than later. A-and, you can click on over to the main site to check out our services in the mean-time.