Artist Feature: Katerina Sokova

by Katerina Sokova

When I first met Margarita it was December and about minus 15 degrees Celsius. But that didn’t stop us from taking some photos outside. We were standing on the middle of frozen river with some dry sprigs. She was dressed in a sweater and scarf and cold wind was blowing her hair. After that we warmed in cafe with hot chocolate and found many common interests.

Katerina Sokova is 22 years old, photographer and student living in St. Petersburg, Russia. She was born in small town Pskov and living there till 18 years old. She already has one finance education and now studies design in University. Katerina started to take photographs about 3 years ago. It was genre and street-photography. But now she also shoots portraits and weddings. She likes to photograph as on different film cameras as on digital cameras. You can see more of her work on her Flickr page.


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